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The Crossing
Book Launch
January 5 - 7
Contest runs from 
12:01 a.m. Friday Jan. 5
 to 9 p.m. Sunday Jan. 7 
Pacific Time

To get your free gift, you must participate and follow 
the contest entry instructions.

The free gift is a short story by me.
This will be sent by email in pdf format.
Pdf can be converted to your kindle should you choose.

Gift will be sent January 15, after the winner is chosen.

Your Free Gift

*This story is an addendum to The Crossing, and 
should be read after you finish reading The Crossing.

The Beginning
Genre: Paranormal
Length: 1,800 words
Format: pdf

Important: Please read all the instructions 
before participating.

Winners will be chosen and contacted on Jan. 15th. Please make a note of this contest on your calendar, to check your inbox and junk folder for an email from me on that date.

Winner will have 72 hours to respond to email, so PLEASE make sure to check your email and junk folder.

If I do not hear from the winners in 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen. This is to make it fair to all participants, as in the past there have been winners that never responded, and this way the prize gets awarded and received.

Once the winner has responded and confirmed, I will announce their name here on this blog, and on my Facebook Event Page, as well as Twitter, and my Facebook profile and page.

Here is what the winner will receive:

Grand Prize
3 Posters 
4 Postcards 
I can autograph all these, if you wish.
2 Bracelets
4 Necklaces
7 Assorted Flavors Tea Bags
Your Choice of One of the following Ebook Short Stories:
The Visitor's Room
The Fifth Floor
The Orah

* * *

The Crossing

The Crossing

Unaware of the powers lurking within her, Caitlin opens a door 
between worlds, allowing a fallen angel to pass through the veil of darkness into the light.

Attaching himself to Caitlin, he feeds off her fear to build his
 strength, intending to kill her, in order to prevent the door through which he can be forced back into the darkness from opening.

Aware of Malfeil’s return, Ezriel, the angel who cast him down by 
divine order, must be the one to send him back into the darkness. He appears to Caitlin, calling upon her to ask her to help him. But between his visits—causing her to have missing time—and Malfeil doing whatever he can to frighten her, Caitlin begins to question her sanity.

Realizing what she must do, there’s just one problem. An 
emergency room doctor, with a penchant for house calls, believes her unstable and is seeking to have her institutionalized.

Now she must evade the doctor while seeking out Ezriel…and all 
before Malfeil kills her.

* * *
Grand Prize
+ One Short Story

Close up of Posters




Bracelet 1

Bracelet 2

Necklace 1
Gold-Coloured Chain

Necklace 2
Crystal Cluster

Necklace 3
Hollow Gold Heart With Crystals

Necklace 4
Butterfly Wishing Bottle with Removable Cork

Your Choice of One of the following Ebook Short Stories
(Laura, The Visitor's Room, The Fifth Floor, or The Orah)

Laura, The Visitor's Room, or The Fifth Floor will be emailed as a mobi to a Kindle Email 
address only. If you don't own a Kindle, or use a Kindle app on a device, for copyright 
purposes a watermarked pdf will be provided. The Orah will be emailed as a watermarked pdf.

* * *
How to Enter for your chance to win:

To enter for a chance to win the Grand Prize
here is what you need to do.

*Proof of Purchase is Required.

Purchase a copy of The Crossing ebook. When you make your purchase, please take a screen shot of your receipt, clearly showing the date and what you purchased.

Buy Links for The Crossing 

For those who don’t wish to use the universal link, here is the 
ASIN. You can use this to find the book on your country’s Amazon.


Attach the screen shot to an email and email it to:

Put "The Crossing Contest" in the subject line.

If you don't know have a cutting tool, or know how to do a screen shot, please scroll down for instructions on how to take a screen shot. If you don't want to do a screen shot, you can print the screen (MUST clearly show the date and your purchase) then scan it back into your computer, and attach it to an email and send to my email above.

All names will be collected and winners determined using a program that will chose a name at random.

In order to be eligible to enter, emails with receipts must be received during the dates and times stated at the top of this blog.

Winner of the Grand Prize will be mailed out their prize as soon as they are confirmed and have provided their mailing address. Their chosen ebook will be emailed as a mobi to a kindle email address. If you do not have a kindle email address, a watermarked pdf will be sent. Should you choose The Orah, it will be sent as a watermarked pdf.

* * *

How to Take a Screen Shot

Position the screen so you can clearly see the purchase, and date. etc.

On your computer keyboard locate and press the key that reads Print Screen. It's usually located around the top right of your keyboard and may have PrtSc on it.

The screen shot has now been captured.

To access the shot, now go into Paint.

If you don't know where that is, use the computer's search function and type in Paint. The program should show up in a list.

Click on Paint. Open the program.

On the top left you will see a clipboard. Click Paste.

The image you captured should now appear on the Paint Screen.

Now click File on the top left, choose "save as" and decide what folder you will put it in, and give it a name.

Go to your email account. Click attach, find the folder, click on the image and attach it to the email.

Put The Crossing Contest in the subject line and email the receipt to the email given above.

* * *

This contest is a thank you from me to those of you who purchase and read my books. To you, I wish to show my appreciation and love!

E. H. James

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